Monday, September 1, 2008


Dust from the Sahara Desert has been carried by wind as far as Chicago, Illinois

According to the FBI, 74% of all threats against federal employees are directed at IRS workers

System identified by Albert Einstein as "completely incomprehensible": U.S. tax code

Wal-Mart's annual income is slightly less than that of Russia

An American "billion" is the same as a British "milliard"

More car model names start with the letter "C" than any other letter

Country with the most religious followers in the world: India (Least religious followers: Sweden)

Approximately 1.5% of the human population has red hair, which is hair characterized by high levels of the reddish pigment pheomelonin -- this is the rarest hair color in the world

About 4% of all Europeans are red-haired, but by sheer numbers the United States has the highest global population of redheads (about 15 million people) ... by percent, Scotland has the most redheads with 13% of its population, followed by Ireland and Wales with 10% each

Colorado Springs, Colorado has the highest concentration of Evangelical churches in the United States

1/3 of the world's population is under age 15 (current world population: 6.6 billion people)

Each day in the U.S., 1.4 million violent crimes are committed by someone the victim knows

In 1981, Turkish researchers published a study they claimed proved disco music caused male mice to become homosexual

Some female cockroaches mate only once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives

The world's population increases by 237,748 every 24 hours

Before 1920 it was not illegal to send children through the mail

Age of the youngest soldier killed during the American Civil War: 12

Meteorological definition of "drizzle": No more than 14 drops per square foot per second

A 1946 FBI memo denounced the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" as "Communist propaganda"

About 673,693 Americans were born on this day

Most popular birthday worldwide: October 5

Most popular day of birth worldwide: Tuesday

In 1972, American psychologist David Rosenhan published the Rosenhan Experiment, a study analyzing the validity of psychiatric diagnoses. The study arranged for eight participants with no history of mental illness to attempt admission into psychiatric hospitals. The individuals volunteering for the study were a housewife, a graduate student, two physicians, a psychiatrist, two psychologists, and an artist. All were admitted to psychiatric hospitals, each receiving a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and all were treated with medications. All were discharged between 7 and 52 days. The study concluded that individuals with no presence of mental disorders could not be distinguished from those suffering mental illness.

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