Thursday, July 19, 2007


If the total amount of yearly income tax one owed was withheld from weekly paychecks before a person could earn any take-home pay, the average American taxpayer would not earn a cent of personal income until the middle of May-- in other words, the average taxpayer works 3 out of every 8 hours for the government

Every person has a unique tongue print

Right now there are more than 123, ooo, ooo cars on American roads

According to the World Health Organization, 200 million couples around the world (both heterosexual and homosexual) have sex each day, meaning that on average there are about 2,000 sex acts at any given moment

Women gained the right to vote in France in 1944, and in Switzerland in 1971

Los Angeles has more judges than France

There are more possible games of chess involving 40 moves or more than there are atoms in the entire universe

You are 750 times more likely to be struck and killed by an asteroid than to win the lottery

Percent of single adult men who say they want to marry: 75%

Percent of single adult women who say they want to marry: 50%

After eating too much, your hearing is less sharp

Globally, donkeys kill more people each year than plane crashes

About 22% of all tuna caught in the world will eventually end up in cat food in the United States

Average number of people airborne over the U.S. at any given hour: 61, 000

In Washington, D.C. there are more telephones than people, while in L.A. there are more cars than people

80% of ten-year old girls in the U.S. will go on a diet before age eleven

More Americans lose their virginity in the month of June than in any other month

The language of a society changes slowly but steadily with the result that an educated person is not able to read and understand words from their own language from 500 years ago

According to Illinois state law, it is illegal to speak English... the state's official language is "American"

All American presidents have worn glasses, even if they refused to wear them in public, including our current president who wears reading glasses

All pilots on international flights identify themselves in English

Every time the moon's gravity causes a 10-foot tide at sea, all the Earth's continents rise at least 6 inches

The U.S. has the highest rate of unplanned teen pregnancy in the developed world

Over 50% of Americans polled in 2006 claimed to fantasize more often about money than sex

In the U.S., an average of 11, 000 people are injured each year trying out new sexual positions

There is more lemon juice in Lemon Pledge Furniture Polish than in Country Time Lemonade

Once a person reaches age 35, they will lose about 7, 000 brain cells a day that are never replaced

A rat can last longer without water than a camel

When doctors went on strike in Los Angeles in 1976, the average number of deaths in that city dropped by more than 18% for each day of the strike

Most people chew their food on the same side of their mouth as their hand preference

Largest supplier of mental health care in the United States: federal prison system

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