Monday, August 18, 2008


During the 20th Century in the U.S., I.Q. scores rose by an average of 3 points per decade but most experts don't think we were really getting smarter -- the tests themselves kept changing as did the average American, who by the end of the century was eating better, living in smaller families, and receiving more education -- Americans at the end of the century knew more stuff, but their overall intelligence (such as their abilities in problem solving and abstract reasoning) didn't change substantially over their ancestors' abilities

The word "lethologica" describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want

The first human sex-change operation took place in 1950 when Danish doctor Christian Hamburger operated on New Yorker George Jargensen, who became Christine Jargensen

Mazda La Puta -- "the whore" in Spanish
Mitsubishi Pajero -- "wanker" in Spanish
Nissan Moco -- "booger" in Spanish
Honda Fitta -- "cunt" in Norwegian and Swedish
Chevrolet Nova -- "it doesn't go" in Spanish
Daihatsu Charade -- "fake" or "phony" in English

People have been wearing eyeglasses for more than 700 years

About 85% of the mass of our universe is a form of "dark" matter that can be detected only through its gravitational force and does not form stars

Of the 100 largest "economies" in the world, 53 are corporations

Rats and horses can't vomit

The word PENIS is Latin and means TAIL

The first Social Security number was issued to Grace Owen of Concord, New Hampshire on November 24, 1936

The 772-778 digits of Pi: 9999998

U.S. median age: 36 years (male: 34.7 years, female: 37.4 years)

U.S. life expectancy at birth: 77.43 years (male: 74.63 years, female: 80.36 years)

The combined sales of the largest 200 companies constitute nearly 30% of the world's economic activity but employ less than 10% of the world's workforce

Largest organ of the human body: Skin, which for an average adult weighs about 10 lbs. and consists of 120 billion cells

Between 1970 and 1973, the United States dropped three times the quantity of explosives on Cambodia than it had dropped on Japan for the duration of World War II

20% of all road accidents in Sweden involve a moose

Largest importer of American cars: Canada

In 1902, 90% of all physicians in the U.S. had never attended college and 94% of the entire adult population had not graduated high school

Scientific name for your mouth: Buccal Cavitiy

Color of most school buses in the U.S.: National School Bus Chrome Yellow

If you know someone who died falling out of a tree, odds are that you're Brazilian

The word BOYCOTT comes from Charles C. Boycott, who was hired by an Irish Earl to collect high rents from tenant farmers -- the farmers realized they couldn't defeat the Earl or his collector using force so they decided on a strategy of completely ignoring Boycott's efforts -- the rents were eventually lowered and the tenant farmers declared a victory by means of their strategy to "boycott" the Earl

All ducks are female (males are drakes)

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