Wednesday, March 21, 2007


number of americans who have appeared on television: 1 in 4

object that causes most choking fatalities: toothpick

only u.s. state that specifically bans blind people from driving: new york

average speed of traffic in new york city: 10 mph

percentage of lakes in ohio that have been made by humans: 100%

percentage of atheists who own at least one bible: 65%

month when most people are born in the world: september

number of americans killed by vending machines falling on them: 15

cost to the soft drink industry each year from loss due to theft from vending machines: $100 million

number of americans unable to locate the u.s. on a world map: 1 in 7

number of visitors to new mexico to see a tortilla chip that "strongly resembles" jesus last year: 11,000

largest retail chain in the world: 7-eleven

number of people around the world with the same birthday as you: approximately 10 million

month most americans lose their virginity: june

country with the most english speakers: china

percentage of american high school students who admit to using an illegal drug before graduating: 52%

amount spent on "war on drugs" each year since 2001: about $20 million

in 2002, a nike commercial aired in the u.s. that had been filmed in kenya with a samburu tribesman. the tribesman speaks in his native language of maa. as he speaks, the nike slogan "just do it" appears at the bottom of the screen in quotes. in reality, the tribesman was saying, "I don't want these."

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