Wednesday, March 21, 2007


number of company logos recognized by the typical american child by the time she enters first grade: 200

percent of americans who say god has talked to them: 36%

percent of americans who believe joan of arc was noah's wife: 12%

number of office workers randomly stopped on the street for a survey who gave up their computer passwords in exchange for a chocolate bar: 7 in 10

percent of americans who claim they never bathe: 7%

number of u.s. states that claim test scores in their elementary schools are above the national average: 50

busiest retail shopping hour in the united states: 3-4pm, december 24th (christmas eve)

number of toilet-related injuries each year in the u.s.: 40,000

number of insect legs allowed by the food and drug administration in a candy bar sold in the united states: 8

number of american women who own a gun: 1 in 3

number of marriages in kentucky that unite teenagers: half

only u.s. state capital without a mcdonald's: montpelier, vermont

most claimed ancestry of americans: german

how far would the average american go for $10 million?: 1 in 4 say they'd abandon friends, family and church, while 1 in 10 say they'd commit murder

amount spent per year by americans on state lotteries: $40 billion

percent of americans who admit to lying regularly: 91%

religious affiliation in america: 52% protestant, 24% roman catholic, 2% mormon, 1% jewish, 1% muslim, 10% other, 10% none

the u.s. is the largest consumer of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine

americans comprise 6% of the world's population but... are 25% of the world's prison population, are responsible for 30% of the world's garbage, comprise 85% of the world's serial killers, and consume 20% of the world's resources

.07% of american men perform fellatio on themselves, while 35% admit to attempting the feat

number of americans who say they've had sex at work, by percent: 56% (half claim they "did it" on the boss's desk)

percent of americans who cannot fill out a bank deposit slip correctly: 40%

time when most toilets are flushed at one time in the u.s.: during superbowl half-time

states where oral sex is illegal: arizona, florida, minnesota, louisiana, michigan, north carolina, south carolina, utah, virginia and idaho where it is punishable by life in prison

in the u.s., jews and atheists have nearly twice as many sex partners in their lifetime than catholics and protestants

percent of americans over age 55 who have no natural teeth: half

percent of americans who say they've never visited a dentist: 40%

largest private employer in the u.s.: wal-mart

number of wal-mart "super centers" built on top of native indian burial grounds: 4

chance that an american will be a victim of crime in their lifetime: 80%

number of americans who sign their pet's name on greeting cards sent during the holiday season: 70%

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