Monday, February 28, 2011


In ancient Greece, courtesans wore sandals with nails studded into the sole so that their footprints would leave the message "Follow me"

The largest cell in the human body is the female ovum, or egg cell. It is about 1/180 inch in diameter. The smallest cell in the human body is the male sperm. It takes about 175,000 sperm cells to weigh as much as a single egg cell

Germany was the first European country to establish a system for health insurance for its workers in 1888

When the full-length, poetic name of Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is used it is usually abbreviated to "Krung Thep"(City of Angels). The full-length version is the longest place name of any town or city in the world (167 letters): Krung Thep Mahanakhon Bovorn Ratanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilok Pop Noparatratchathani Burirom Udomratchanivetma Hasathan Amornpiman Avatarnsa Thit Sakkathattiyavisnukarmprasit (Pictured below: Bangkok at night)
In the latter part of the 18th century, Prussian surgeons treated stutterers by snipping off portions of their tongue

The opposite of a "vacuum" is a "plenum"

The Sun produces more energy every minute than all the energy used on Earth in a whole year

Assuming that all the offspring survived, 190,000,000,000,000,000,000 flies could be produced in four months by the offspring of a single pair of flies

Goldfish lose their color if they are kept in a dim light or they are placed in a body of running water, such as a stream. They remain gold when kept in a pond or in a bowl with adequate illumination  (Pictured below is a goldfish that had been kept out of light, and turned white)

At birth, the white whale (beluga) is dark gray or black

A young woman named Ellen Church convinced Boeing Air Transport that her nursing skills and love of flying would qualify her to assist with the passengers and emergencies. She became the first known "stewardess" which are now known as Flight Attendants

A King Cobra is the biggest of all poisonous snakes and can grow to over 13 feet long. A bite from a King Cobra can kill an elephant in 4 hours

An estimated $1 million is lost at race tracks each year by people who lose or carelessly throw away winning tickets, according to a 2003 study

Colonel Waring, New York City Street Cleaning Commissioner, was responsible for organizing the first rubbish-sorting plant for recycling in the United States in 1898

Popcorn was banned at most movie theaters in the 1920s because it was considered too noisy

A car uses 1.6 ounces of gas idling for one minute. Half an ounce is used to start the average automobile

The "rag" in the world of fruit is the white fibrous membrane inside the skin and around the sections of the citrus fruit

Kangaroo rats never drink water. Like their relatives the pocket mice, they carry their own water source within them, producing fluids from the food they eat and the air they breathe

It takes about 50 hours for a snake to digest one frog

There is about one quarter-pound of salt in every gallon of seawater

Tuna swim at a steady rate of 9 miles per hour for an indefinite period of time — and they never stop moving. Estimates indicate that a 15-year-old tuna travels one million miles in its lifetime

February is the mating month for gray whales

Frances Perkins was the first woman appointed to hold a U.S. Cabinet post as Secretary of Labor. She was appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and held the post from 1933-1945

Chocolate was once considered a temptation of the devil. In Central American mountain villages during the 18th century, no one under the age of 60 was permitted to drink it, and churchgoers who defied the rule were threatened with excommunication

Bricks are the oldest manufactured building material still in use - Egyptians used them 7,000 years ago 

According to one study, nuns have an average life expectancy of 79 years, the longest of any group in the United States 

Jamie Riley, 27, was arrested in 2010 November for endangering her 3-month-old son by holding him "like a football," according to police, who had spotted Riley carrying on raucously while "celebrating" her recent "victory" over the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, which had been investigating her for neglect 

In 2010 September, a tractor-trailer crashed on Interstate 70 near Terre Haute, Indianna and precipitated a traffic jam when the cargo caught fire. The truck was hauling a load of fire extinguishers 

An official release of San Francisco's Department of the Environment in July apparently cleared up a matter of controversy (according to a report in SF Weekly): Human semen is one organic waste product not required to be disposed of in special "compost" bags under the city's mandatory composting law. (However, "snot" must be properly bagged)

In December 2010, Ricardo West, a professional Michael Jackson impersonator (who staged "Michael Lives! The Michael Jackson Tribute Concert") was charged in August in Allen Park, Michigan with 12 counts of child molestation 

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