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In 2004, researchers at Odeon Cinemas determined that celebrities making appearances at award ceremonies and movie premiers expose an average of 59% of their skin (for women celebrities the average was much higher at 74% then the average of men and women taken together), which is a figure up from 39% in 1994

Worldwide most burglaries occur in the daytime

The World Bank has ordered most developing nations to pay 20-25% of their export earnings toward debt repayment, while no European debtor pays higher than 4%

Month a person is most likely to be murdered in the United States:  August (Followed by March and October)

The ten US cities with highest murder rates per capita:  Washington, DC, Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Columbus, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Dallas (The ten safest US cities for murder rate:  Honolulu, El Paso, San Jose, Austin, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, New York, San Fransisco, Oklahoma City)

Average number of guests for a wedding in the United States:  190

If offices in the United States alone increased the rate of double-sided copies from its current 20% of all photocopies to 50% then 15 million trees could be spared

On 14 April 2006, Sri Lanka put its clock back 30 minutes nationwide so that it could rejoin the time zone of its neighboring India 

Egyptians built the Sphinx so that it faces and points toward the rising sun on the day of the vernal equinox

Humans are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening because layers of cartilage in our joints get compressed during the day as we walk and move around upright

Virginia Woolf wrote all of her novels while standing

Natural gas has no odor so gas companies, as ordered by municipalities, often add a chemical that smells similar to rotten eggs so people can detect a gas leak and take precaution in advance of an explosion

In Johannesburg, the average driver will be involved in an automobile collision once every four years

The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, and the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body

In 1789, Morocco became the first nation to recognize the United States as an independent nation

About 8 million people in the United States (out of a total population of about 310 million) donate blood at least once each year

The murder rate in Washington, DC is 8 times higher than the national average of the US

Many of the details commonly associated with Santa Claus- chubby, red suited, lives at North Pole with toy-making elves, etc.- were invented for an advertisement campaign by Coca-Cola in 1890

The image of Santa Claus was used to sell many products, including cigarettes and alcohol, until around 1920 when the image became firmly associated with the holiday of Christmas in the hearts and minds of many people around the world and companies faced public backlash when using the image to sell any products that were not accessible to children - Below is an image that appeared in Life Magazine in 1900:

Throughout nearly all of WWII, Adolph Hitler was administered daily injections of methamphetamine

Prior to 1995, the International Dateline split the country of Kiribati resulting in the eastern part of the nation being a full day and two hours behind the western portion where the capitol is located - in 1995 the country simply decided to move the dateline farther to the east to ensure the entire country would be on the same day

Chance of being a victim of crime in the US:  5% of people in the United States are victims of crime each year, while 1.5 million are victims of violent crime

44% of serial killers start their violence toward other people in their twenties, 96% are male and 77% are white (The term "serial killer" was first coined in the United Kingdom in 1966, while the United States remains the home of the most serial killers in the world- it is estimated that 40-50 serial killers are active in the US at any given time)

Worldwide, China has the most executions, followed by the United States

The Pentagon was built with twice as many bathrooms as needed because of segregation that demanded "Whites Only" bathrooms and drinking fountains

The Catholic Church banned cremation until 1963

Odds a female in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime:  1 in 8

The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee sick leave for employees, leaving more than 54 million working Americans with no sick pay

Until 1926, women were banned from marathons because it was believed the exertion caused infertility

In the United Kingdom, one person is diagnosed every 3 minutes with diabetes

In 2007, 1 in 77 convicted persons were sentenced to death, while 42 already on death row were executed

1 in 8 adult Americans are black, while 56% of convicted persons sentenced to death are black

In 1898, the first advertisement for an automobile appeared in Scientific America magazine (now known as Scientific American) by the Winston Motor Car Company of Cleveland, Ohio that urged readers to "dispense with a horse"

First woman executed in an electric chair:  Martha Place, at age 44Sing Sing Prison, 20 March 1899, convicted of the murder of her stepdaughter

In May, the German manufacturer Ex Oriente Lux AG set up its "Gold To Go" vending machine in the lobby of Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace Hotel, offering gold coins and one-, five-, and ten- gram bars of gold, based on the current world price at the time of the transaction

British and Australian researchers, writing in a journal article in March, concluded that the world's strongest insect (relative to body weight) is the male dung beetle, which can lift more than 1,100 times its weight (equivalent for an average male human: 80 tons). Since the beetles mate inside dung patties, their every move is a struggle against the resistance posed by the feces. (On the other hand, the researchers also found weaker dung beetles that mated just fine--helped not by their strength but by unusually large testicles)

Jacob Collins, 28, was arrested in April and charged with burglary of Matlack's Hometown Pharmacy in Landisville, New Jersey, despite the fact that the medicine he stole was probably by mistake. Police said they were almost certain Collins was after the painkiller "Oxycontin" but instead swiped a supply of "Oxybutynin," which treats overactive bladder

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