Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Portland, Oregon, where it rarely snows, is located 130 miles farther north than Toronto and over 200 miles north of Boston, each being cities that experience an average of about 2 feet of snow per winter

Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Sydney are each thousand of miles apart but are all known for having unusually pleasant weather year-round - all are almost identical distances from the equator while the cities of San Francisco, California and Melbourne, Australia are both known for fast-changing climates and are identical distances from the equator

NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam, and has been used to create toy products such as footballs and soccer balls that are least likely to break objects or injure humans

Nearly 30% of Dalmation dogs are born with partial or total hearing loss

The first compact discs marketed as blank CDs by SONY were available in 74-minute formats because the president of the company at that time, 1982, believed a single CD should be able to contain the longest recorded version of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

On May 14, 1918 the United States Postal Service released the first postage stamp commemorating airmail scheduled to begin the next day, but in a printing error the stamps depicted the Curtiss JN-41 biplane upside-down.  The next day, the first airmail took off as scheduled with airman George Boyle at the helm of the actual biplane.  He accidentally took off in the wrong direction and crashed- upside-down.  Boyle survived the crash, barely, in a Maryland cornfield

In 2005, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identified a Teflon ingredient (perfluoroctanoic) as a likely carcinogen - this chemical can be found in the bloodstream of 95% of Americans

Toronto, Canada was the first city in the world with a computerized traffic signal system

The famous lover Casanova was a librarian in the years leading up to his death

Japan is home to 10% of all active volcanoes in the world

In the U.S., people in California tend to prefer crunchy peanut butter while people in New York tend to prefer creamy peanut butter

During the Manhattan Project, 18 people were injected with plutonium to test the effects of nuclear weapons on humans, which caused these people to experience very serious health problems and death - none of the test subjects were told what had been injected into them and some weren't even aware of an experiment being conducted

Nanotechnology has produced a guitar no bigger than a blood cell with six strummable strings that are each 10 micrometers long

The average human loses between 40 and 100 strands of hair per day, not all from the head

These things are FALSE:  If you can move your finger then it isn't broken; computer use causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; eating gelatin makes your fingernails stronger; cracking your knuckles causes arthritis

From the 1500s through the 1700s, tobacco was prescribed by physicians to cure a list of ailments including headaches, arthritis, toothaches, and bad breath

A lump of pure gold the size of a matchbox can be pressed into a sheet the size of a tennis court

Extremely high-pressured water can handily cut through a steel beam

U.S. Presidents who owned slaves:  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, James Polk, Zachery Taylor, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant

After your death, if you are buried then your body's cartilage will rot faster than your bone

A growing drug problem facing Shanghai, China, is stepped-up use of methamphetamine, cocaine, and other drugs at all-night parties, but not the "rave" parties favored by young fast-lane types in the U.S. These Shanghai druggies, according to a February dispatch in London's Guardian, are often middle-aged and retired people, who use the drugs to give them strength for all-night games of Mah Jongg played at out-of-the-way parlors around the city

Michael Colquitt, 32, got a judicial order of protection in January against his father, Baptist preacher Joe Colquitt, in Alcoa, Tenn. According to Michael, Pastor Joe had threatened him at gunpoint about his poor church-attendance record

Toni Tramel, 31, angry at being jailed in Owensboro, Ky., for public intoxication in March, had "assaulting a police officer" added to the charges when, changing into a jail uniform, she allegedly pointed her lactating breast at a female officer and squirted her in the face

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