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In the U.S., a white adult murder victim has most likely been poisoned or given an overdose of a legal or illegal drug (80%) while a black adult murder victim was most likely shot (55%)

Number of children under age 15 in the world:  2.2 billion  (More than half are underfed and lack access to safe drinking water)

Life expectancy in the United States:
White Females   -80 years
White Males   -74.5 years
Asian Females   -79.8 years
Asian Males   -77.7 years
Latino Females   -74.8 years
Latino Males   -69.8 years
Black Females   -74.8 years
Black Males   -67.3 years
Native American Females   -58 years
Native American Males   -49 years

Cost to American tax payers to incarcerate people arrested on marijuana-related offenses:  $1.5 billion annually

Rate at which someone is arrested in the U.S. for marijuana possession:  1 every 45 seconds

Cost to American tax payers to combat marijuana use in the U.S.:  $4 billion annually  (Does not include tax payer money spent in their local and state governments for same purpose)

Percent of Americans who claim to smoke marijuana on occasion, regularly, or to have experimented in trying it at least once:  82%

Largest export crop from United States:  Marijuana  (Wheat is second)

Percent of Dutch teens who can speak fluent English:  90%
Percent of American teens who can speak fluent English:  84%

A lawsuit is filed against Wal-Mart every 3 seconds each day across the globe

Brian MacKinnon (1963 -  ), AKA Brandon Lee, the 32 year-old who passed himself off as a pupil at Bearsden Academy. MacKinnon was a medical student in the University of Glasgow but he kept failing his exams and was eventually taken off the course. Determined to become a physician, he posed as Canadian teenager Brandon Lee to re-qualify and get back into medical school. So, 1993 he enrolled in the same school he had graduated from 13 years earlier, Bearsden Academy in Bearsden, a suburb of Glasgow. Although some of the teachers were there when MacKinnon was there thirteen years earlier, he was accepted by all as a new sixteen year old pupil. He stayed for two years, after which he received five 'A' grade Highers in 1994 in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He was accepted by the University of Dundee's medical school to begin classes that autumn. He left the University after a few months due to financial issues but was accepted to restart in September 1995. Shortly before he was due to re-commence his studies, he took two girls from the school to a holiday in Tenerife. After their return an anonymous phone call to the school headmaster exposed him.

• Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. (1921- 1982) AKA The Great Impostor. As Dr. Joseph Cyr, he joined the Royal Canadian Navy as surgeon where he managed numerous successful surgeries including the removal of a bullet from a man’s chest. Making great use of his photographic memory, Demara taught himself all he needed to know for his deception by reading books on the subject. The Canadian Navy, having eventually discovered that Demara was using a false name, kicked him out but his credentials as a surgeon were not questioned. He then went on to create a series of new identities including: zoology Ph.D., law student, cancer researcher, hospital orderly, deputy sheriff, prison warden and teacher.

Marvin Hewitt A high school dropout was found in 1954 to be Dr Kenneth D Yates working as associate professor of physics at the University of New Hampshire. It was his third college (as far as we know) and fifth teaching position in seven years in spite of having no qualification of any sort. The college described him as a "brilliant physicist" and a very satisfactory teacher.

Harry Stokes a 19th-century bricklayer was only unmasked as a woman after his death. Fearing her true nature was about to be revealed she committed suicide and even then her identity was only revealed by chance.

Louis Grin valet in the 1890s, claimed to be Louis de Rougement, an adventurer who lived with the cannibalistic tribes of Australia for 30 years. There were many newspaper articles published about his exploits and how he survived for so long. They were all fictitious and many based on novels he had read.

Dr James Barry (1799 - 1865) joined the army in 1813, passed through the grades of assistant surgeon and surgeon in various regiments, and had served as such in this capacity all over the world. In around 1840 he became promoted to the rank of medical inspector, and was transferred to Malta. He went from Malta to Corfu where he was based for many years where he died. Upon his death after forty years of service as an officer in the British army and a matchless reputation in his field he was discovered to be a woman.

Stanley Clifford Weyman (1890-1960) was an American impostor who impersonated government officials, including Secretary of State and various military officers. He once famously inspected the USS Wyoming playing the part of the Consul General for Romania, fooling the ships captain and crew. He treated them all to dinner afterwards, the bill was supposed to be covered by the Romanian consulate. He was arrested at the dinner and only annoyed because they did not let him finish his meal.

Money spent on video games today:  $64,000,000 (US)

Blog posts that will appear on the Internet today, including this one:  558,292

Deaths of women during childbirth in 2009 (reported):  623,199

Kissing Bugs feed by sucking the blood of humans - their favorite feeding spot is the face and in particular the lips, hence the name

Currently, 1500 people a die each day from cancer

From a Police report in the North Bay, Ontario) on 2009 November 7: An officer in line at a traffic light, realizing that cars had not moved through two light changes, walked up to the lead car to investigate. The driver said she was not able to move on the green lights because she was still on the phone and thus driving off would be illegal. The officer said a brief lecture improved the woman's understanding of the law.

Reported in the Washington Times:  The inspector general of the National Science Foundation
revealed that on-the-job viewing of pornography websites was so widespread at the agency that the resultant ethics investigations hindered his primary mission of investigating fraud on grant contracts. The agency report, obtained by the Washington Times in 2009 September, said the heaviest user was a senior executive who
logged on to pornography at least 331 days in 2008. He subsequently retired, but before leaving defended his habit, claiming that his website visits actually helped impoverished women in Third World countries to earn a decent living (by posing for pornography).

Albert Freed's lawsuit for defective underwear against Hanes was dismissed in 2009 October by a Pensacola, Florida judge, even though Freed had complained that the briefs had caused severe pain and ruined his vacation. Freed said the garment's flap had inexplicably failed to close, allowing his penis to protrude and rub against swim trunks that contained sand from the beach that irritated the sensitive skin. However, Freed admitted that he delayed diagnosing the problem by declining to inspect his penis. He explained that he cannot easily peer over his "belly" (and wouldn't even consider, he said, examining his naked self in a mirror or asking his wife to inspect). Consequently, he had endured increased irritation before recognizing the source of the chafing.

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