Sunday, October 25, 2009


An average American will eat the equivalent of 28 pigs in their lifetime

A pig's orgasm can last as long as 30 minutes

Fewer than 10% of infants are born on their due date - half are born within a week of when a doctor predicted their birth, and 90% of all babies are born within two weeks before or after the projected date

California has more than 1,200 7-Eleven convenience stores, more than any other U.S. state

The ten most dangerous jobs in the U.S., based on likelihood of injury or death: fishers and related fishing workers, loggers, aircraft pilots and flight engineers, structural iron and steel workers, farmers and ranchers, refuse and recyclable materials collectors, roofers, electrical repairers, traveling salespeople and truck drivers, taxi drivers and chauffeurs

Chance of an average worker sustaining a fatal work injury in the United States: 3.6 fatal occupational injuries per 100,000 workers (2008 - most recent data collection)

Half of all married pastors will divorce

An open-mouth kiss lasting one minute burns about 26 calories

One barrel of petroleum holds 42 (U.S.) gallons, or 158.9873 liters

One barrel of petroleum holds 34.9723 Imperial (U.K.) gallons

Half of all people who made a purchase on the Internet in 2008 spent about 5 hours per week online - most were female

George Washington, first President of the United States, chose the location for the White House but remains the only president in U.S. history to have never lived there - the first president to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was John Adams in 1800

7 out of 10 houses in the U.S. are painted white

In the U.S., more than 2 billion pencils are sold each year, most with erasers attached to one end - in the U.K., about the same number of pencils are sold each year but most do not have erasers attached

In 1687, Jean-Baptiste Lully, composer, died of a gangrenous abscess after piercing his foot with a staff while he was vigorously conducting a Te Deum, as it was customary at that time to conduct by banging a staff on the floor - the performance was to celebrate the King's recovery from an illness

The average pencil contains enough graphite to draw a line 35 miles long or to write about 45,000 words

Odds that an American male does not own a pair of bluejeans: 1 in 10

Only 7% of the Earth's land has a temperate climate but nearly half of the world's population, or 3.3 billion people, live in temperate zones

Approximate number of blades of grass in one acre of lawn in the United States: 564,537,600

More than half of the world's supply of pencils comes from China, which produces more than 10 billion pencils a year - enough to circle the earth more than 40 times

7 out of 8 of the U.S. presidents who have died in office- either through illness or assassination- were elected at 20-year intervals (Ronald Reagan was elected 20 years after the last U.S. president who had died in office and, although he was shot during his first term, he survived what some called "The 20-year Curse")

It is illegal to whale hunt in the state of Oklahoma

Men are six times more likely than women to be struck by lightning

Number of miles in a light year: 5,878,499,814,186.5

More than 20 million meteoroids enter Earth's atmosphere each day - most are no bigger than a speck of dust

Japan leads the world in the number of vending machines with about one machine for every 23 people, and those machines are stocked with a variety of products including drinks, snacks, cigarettes, bottles of liquor, cans of beer, fried food, underwear, iPods, porn magazines, sexual lubricants, live lobsters, fresh meat, eggs, potted plants, and clothing

On average, 10-15 people contract Bubonic Plague in the United States each year

Odds that a woman in the United States owns a pair of high-heels: 1 in 6

Fastest growing population of Facebook users: Women, over age 55

In the United States, less than 1% of women choose to deliver their babies at home, while more than 30% of Dutch women choose home births

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