Monday, April 27, 2009


75% of home-schooled children in the U.S. are Evangelical Christians (about 25% of the population in the U.S., or 85 million people, identify as Evangelical Christian)

The word LESBIAN first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1870 to mean a sexual orientation -- previously the word referred to an inhabitant of the Greek island of Lesbos

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning on your way to purchase your ticket than you do of winning the lottery

In the Middle Ages, dead bodies on the battlefield were often used as ammunition in catapults

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar (U.S.)

In 1980, the city of Detroit presented Saddam Hussein with a key to the city

Most dust particles in your home come from dead skin

Brits eat more baked beans each year than the rest of the world combined

Only 1% of bacteria cause disease

The universe contains approximately 100 billion galaxies -- the largest galaxies contain more than a billion stars

According to a 1996 Congressional report, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) commits at least 100,000 "highly illegal activities" every year (House of Representatives' Permanent Committee on Intelligence, "IC21: The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century") -- other government documents, including CIA reports, show that the agency's crimes include assassination and human rights violations around the world

Copper is the second most-used metal in the world

It would take 20 new mid-size cars to generate the same amount of pollution as one mid-size car on the road in 1965

Number of African-Americans in prison in the U.S.: 800,000 (46% of total prison population)

Number of African-Americans in college in the U.S.: 600,000 (16% of total population of Americans in college)

The human brain generates 25 watts of electricity while a person is awake, enough to power a light bulb

17 tons of gold is used for the production of wedding bands in the U.S. each year

In 1958, the Crayola color Prussian Blue was changed to Midnight Blue by request of teachers and parents in the U.S. as kids could not relate to Prussian history

In the U.S., most burglaries occur during the day, and in the winter months -- most burglaries are committed by people aged 13-21

In Boston, Massachusetts it is illegal to take a bath without a prescription from a doctor

77% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas

The population of the United States has increased 61% since 1970

Type O blood is considered to be the "universal donor" because this type can be transfused to patients of any other type

Half of all identity thieves are relatives, friends or neighbors of their victim

Most men ejaculate within 6 minutes of penetration

A new book is published in the U.S. every 13 minutes

Percent of Americans who believe in some form of "life after death": 62%

Percent of the average American's budget spent on food: 13% (percent spent on transportation: 18%)

Number of heterosexual couples who live together outside of marriage in the U.S.: 4.2 million

Percent of the world's poor who are female: 75% (percent of the world's population that is female: 49%)

Number of cellular phones accidentally dropped into toilets last year that were reported for replacement in the United States: over 200,000

Most turkeys and giraffes are bisexual

Safest age of life (least likely to die or be injured) in all industrialized nations: 10 years of age

In the United States, interest paid on the national debt accounts for the third largest portion of the total federal budget

Percent of an American's income tax that is spent by the U.S. government on the interest rate on the national debt and the military: 50%

Number of undocumented workers hired by Golden Gate Fence Company to complete a portion of the wall between the United States and Mexico designed to deter illegal Mexican immigration into the U.S.: 1 out of 3 workers

Cost to the American taxpayer to keep a prisoner on death row: $61.58 per day

Ten largest countries by land mass: Russia, Canada, China, United States, Brazil, Australia, India, Argentina, Kazakhistan, Sudan

Due to plate tectonics, Europe and North America are drifting apart at the same speed a human fingernail grows, approximately 2 yards (6 feet) in a lifetime

According to Amnesty International, between 1900 and 1995 in the United States twenty-three people who were later determined to be innocent had been executed

The Catholic Church decreed that "man on top" was the only acceptable sexual position in the 16th century -- eventually it came to be known as the "missionary position" because missionaries were instructed to teach it as part of their efforts to "civilize" non-Christians in Africa, India and other locations

Number of lottery winners who gain weight in the first year after winning a prize of $1 million or more: All

In 2003, an employee of the Alabama Department of Transportation installed spyware on his boss's computer that proved his boss spent 10% of his workday doing work, 20% of the day checking stocks, and 70% playing various online games -- the employee was fired for tampering with his supervisor's computer, while the supervisor was reprimanded but held his position

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