Monday, February 16, 2009


If world population growth remains constant, then the human population will reach 13 billion in 60 years (scientists do not expect this to happen, and believe that population growth will level off within about 10 years)

Reno, Nevada has the highest rate of alcoholism in the United States, while Provo, Utah has the lowest

In a 2006 survey of Americans over age 25, more than 50% of men admitted that they had had sex with a woman they "disliked"

All 44 U.S. Presidents, including Barack Obama, can trace part or all of their lineage to at least 1 of 7 heritages: Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Swiss, and German

Until a few years ago, cadets at U.S. military training camps were ordered to eat everything on their plate -- this practice was discontinued after several studies demonstrated that this practice led to later problems with obesity and eating disorders such as purging

Japanese researchers claim moderate alcohol consumption can boost a person's IQ

"Gay bomb" is the slang term used by U.S. Air Force personnel to refer to a potential non-lethal chemical weapon

For nearly all humans, our short-term memory can hold 5 to 9 items at a time, with the average being 7

Of the 6.7 billion people in the world, over 2 billion are mothers

Any Rubik's Cube combination can be solved in 17 moves or less

In 1904, the U.S. population was just over 76 million people -- 150,000 of whom were patients in mental asylums

13% of coins and 42% of paper currency in the U.S. test positive for bacteria that can be harmful to humans, including fecal matter

In December 2007, Kuwait made it against the law to dress in anything traditionally worn by the opposite sex -- since the law was enacted, 14 people have been imprisoned

Dress for Success:
  • In 2008, the public high school in Kerens, Texas (located in a town of 1,700 people) suspended 4 male students for having hair that extended beyond the back of their shirt collars -- the school also prohibits mismatched socks, sleeveless shirts, "unnatural" hair colors, and "disruptive" hairstyles
  • Librarians in the Sevierville County, Tennessee were recently informed they could only wear approved colors to work: black, gray, white, cream and purple
  • A London hospital issued an 18-page dress-code manual to its staff requiring matching shoelaces, and hair that could only be dyed a "natural" color
  • Google employees must adhere to the company's dress code as stated in the employee manual: "Employees must wear clothes"
150 people are Mr. or Mrs. Money in New York State

An orgasm helps lower cholesterol and improves circulation -- sex is also more effective than Valium in calming; releasing chemicals that act as antihistamines; and burns 250 calories in half an hour

A study of 2 million people living in 80 countries found that depression is most common among adults in their mid-40s -- depression, globally, peaks at age 44 -- the study also found: among Americans, depression is most prevalent in women around age 40 and in men around age 50; about half of U.S. residents over age 80 reported being "very happy"; African-Americans are less happy than white Americans; generally, men are less happy than women worldwide; "baby boomers" are the least content Americans; with age, happiness increases for all groups and gaps between African-Americans and white Americans as well as between women and men narrow

36% of U.S. households include a child under 18 years of age

25% of U.S. households include a person aged 65 or older

Most people in school in the United States are aged 6 - 14 (44%) -- 21.4% of those in school are teens in high school, and 22.8% are students in college or graduate school

Ralph and Carolyn Cummins of Clintwood, Virginia, USA had 5 children between 1952 and 1966, all born on February 20th

Twins Doug and Debbie Schee of Delaware, Ohio, USA were born 48 days apart in 1955

In New Zealand, chewing gum in public is considered impolite

Chance that an American will be a victim of violent crime in their lifetime: 70%

Since 1973, number of death row inmates exonerated of the crime for which they were sentenced to death: 123

Rate at which a car is stolen in the U.S.: every 30 seconds (most were red; nearly one-fourth had the keys left in the ignition; and a third were taken by a teenager)

Number of sex acts that will happen today around the world: over 200 million (nearly 50,000 will not be voluntary- the victims are almost exclusively women and children)

Rate at which someone in the U.S. is arrested for marijuana use or possession: 1 person every 45 seconds

Number of Americans who admit to having smoked marijuana in their lifetime: 1 in 4 (The current US President, Barack Obama, and his immediate two predecessors (George W. Bush and Bill Clinton) have all also admitted to smoking marijuana as teens or in college)

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