Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Witchcraft remained a prosecutable offense in England until 1951

The first law on record, in 2100 B.C.E., banned witchcraft

Odds that a call to the 911 emergency phone service is an actual emergency: 1 in 20

The 999 emergency phone service was established in London in 1937

The average American makes 4 car trips per day, spends a total of 55 minutes in the car, and travels a total of 41 miles

Percent of Americans who agree with the statement "The Theory of Evolution is probably not true": 40%

First horror movie" "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1908)

The bottom of the Grand Canyon is above sea level

India's one-billionth citizen was born on May 18, 2000

World's longest movie: "Cure for Insomnia" (85 hours)

Alabama's state quarter spells out the name Helen Keller in braille

90% of all airplane collisions occur on the ground

Women over 100 years of age are four times more likely than the average woman to have had their first child after age 40 -- in general, women who have their first child after age 35 live longer than other women

40% of all heart attacks are fatal

Members of the United States Congress do not need postage stamps for official mail -- their signature counts as a stamp

It is physically impossible to tickle yourself

As you read this sentence, your eyes are moving back and forth 100 times per second

Slang term among U.S. emergency room doctors for a patient that is not sick enough to justify being there: Gomer (Get Out of My Emergency Room)

Percent of Americans who describe themselves as shy: 90%

Ratio of American WWII pilots killed in training to those killed in combat: 2:1

22% of American teens cannot name the country from which the U.S. declared its independence

The 3 states with the highest per capita credit card debt: Alaska, Vermont, South Dakota

Americans stand about 14 inches apart when they converse regardless of their social or familial relationship

58% of Americans state that when their finances improve, their sex life does too

Odds that an American worker will not tell their spouse about a raise in pay they receive at work: 36%

Harry Potter's birthday: July 31

Gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr. was the first U.S. employer to give workers a two-day weekend

Number of words in the Bible (including Old and New Testaments): 1.38 million

Number of words in the U.S. tax code: 2.8 million

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